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Toney has worked with dogs for over 18 years, although his
initial informal training came much earlier.  His father, Leroy
Turner, is a retired bird dog trainer, and instilled a love for
canine companions in his son from an early age.

Toney has experience in training Disability Service Dogs,
Police Style Training and Obedience Competitions, Therapy
Dogs, and Narcotic/Explosives Detection.  He is experienced
and qualified to work with dogs with human and/or dog

He began Complete K9 in 2009 to serve the Wichita area, and
has now expanded to include the Hutchinson/Newton areas.  
Toney began his canine career while working as a groomer for
almost three years and worked for Kustom K9 in
Independence, KS as a basic obedience instructor.  He
continued his education to become an advanced obedience
instructor with the Obedience Training Club of Bartlesville, OK.  

Toney has trained with KSARDA.  He has also assisted in
training police canines for narcotic detection and patrol, along
with correctional facilities canines.

His own dogs have been titled in work and obedience, and he
continues to strive for excellence with his own training and by
furthering his canine education.  

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