ABOVE:  Eamon von Hartwin
with handler/trainer Toney
Turner, showing off his bite
work skills.

BELOW: Mali (American
Bulldog) is a Disability Service
Dog trained as a "Mobility
Assistance Dog."
All Breeds and All Ages Welcome
Does your dog have less than perfect
manners?  Are you greeted every day by
jumping, barking, scratching, or other
undesirable behavior?  Would you like to
depend on your dog for personal protection?
The solution to all of these is effective
obedience training.
Obedience and other training makes
your dog more confident and creates a unique
closeness between you and your dog -
whether that dog be a pet or a working dog.  
Complete K9 exists to create that bond and
We offer the following services to assist you and your canine companions:
Training services are offered in small group classes or as a private session.
Basic Obedience
Intermediate Obedience
Advanced Obedience
Competition Style Obedience
AKC CGC (American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen) class and testing
Therapy Dog Training
Personal Protection Work
Disability Service Dog Training
Behavior Modification for any and all behavioral concerns
Boarding and Training in combination of any of the above
Complete K9 Dog Training...  Train, Don't Complain
Now Serving the Wichita and Hutchinson Areas